Oreos are my favourites biscuits and eating Oreos is one of the activities I like to do after work. However, a few days ago, I thought to my self that Oreo biscuits are dark and have a white cream on the top, which I believe is a perfect contrast when it comes to art. I then decided to make something quick with my fingers in order to see how it looks and I was extremely amazed with the final results. I decided to make art on the biscuit to surprise my family members.


Now, the plan was to use something really fine and pointy in order access the dark area behind the white cream. One of the ideas was to use a mechanical pencil, but the problem was the pencil lead would go into the food, which means the biscuit are not fit to be eaten. I am really against the idea of wasting or throwing food away, so this idea was quickly scraped.


After a really long research on the Internet, the best material I come across was a toothpick. A toothpick is best for the job; it is hard enough to remove the thick cream, sharp, thin and pointy enough to go in extremely tight spaces. However, there was a major problem associated with the toothpick idea. The toothpick was too pointy and it was keep cracking the biscuit during the drawing session. If you are planning on drawing on biscuits than make sure not to use too much pressure because it will split the Oreo you are drawing on in half.

After a couple unsuccessful tests, I finally mastered the art of drawing on Oreo biscuits. It was perfect to surprise my guests and friends.



Check out my Youtube video on how I made this art. Please don’t forget to subscribe while you are there.


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