Can We Make Them Into Erasers

So again, I was making my doodle art. I was working really hard to complete my master piece when I made a tiny pencil mistake. I went to look for an eraser to rub it off. I finally found my eraser in my drawer, used it to clearly my error and I thought to myself that my eraser looks dull and extremely boring.

IMG_1268 copy copy

I stopped working on my master piece, and started searching the Internet to find some cool erasers that I could use. However, unfortunately I could not find anything that would meet my demands.


This is when I decided to make some cute erasers. I thought one character would not be enough so I decided to make five of them. For now these cute Kawaii erasers will stay in my hand book, simply because I don’t know who do I need to see to convert my cartoon characters into an actual eraser.

IMG_1358 copy


Do you want to see how I made my cute erasers, if yes, then here is a video from my YouTube channel (MixDoodle) showing you exactly how they were made. Don’t forget to subcribe while you are there.



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